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September 2006

12sep2006 · Off to RailsConf Europe 2006

RailsConf Europe attendee

Tomorrow I’ll fly to London to attend RailsConf Europe 2006. Since I don’t want to travel with my iBook, I won’t have mail, IRC and can’t live blog. But I wont be angry at non-working WLANs, either.

I have a hipster PDA with me, and an (albeit digital) camera, so don’t feel too safe. I like the idea of attending a conference were many are gazing over of Web-2.0-iness and AJAX with some pens and paper. I’ll note everything.

If you’d like to meet me beforehand or on Saturday noon, feel free to contact me.

I’ll also be at the PizzaOnRails pre-RailsConf event, yum.

chris blogs and Anarchaia will resume publishing on Sunday, September 17.

Have a good time.

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