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July 2006

02jul2006 · Ruby/YARV Git mirrors online

As explained, I converted the Ruby CVS repository to Git.

Today, I also did this with the YARV SVN repository, which turned out to be even hairier: git-svnimport fetches every file on it’s own which is impossible to tolerate for remote servers. Luckily, with help of SVK, I could create a local mirror of the Ruby SVN and import from that. Of course, during this operation, the SVN revision numbers got fucked up. One will have to live with this. (It seems Koichi uses SVK internally too, so the numbers aren’t of that much use anyway.)

There also is an SVN mirror made by tailor.py, however it lacks the tags and I only imported from revision 300 onwards. I don’t intent to go down that road any further.

Nevermind, there you are: http://chneukirchen.org/git/gitweb.cgi.

Please bear with the server, a Ruby clone will need about 40 megabytes, while the YARV repository is only 4 megabytes. (For unknown reasons, a checkout of the Ruby repository can take very long with the Git HTTP client. Consider using wget -r -np, which will be much faster.)

I’ll try to keep the mirrors uptodate, but it’s difficult to do this whilst keeping them efficient over plain HTTP (I can’t provide a native Git server at the moment, but if anyone wants to host one, I can setup cron jobs or the like to keep the mirrors up). I may only update them weekly (or daily, maybe).

Enjoy and happy version controlling!

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