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January 2006

12jan2006 · Playing Ogg in iTunes

For a long time I sticked to iTunes 4—not only because it looked far better, but also because it had Ogg Vorbis support using qtcomponents, which used an old API that wasn’t supported in more recent versions of iTunes.

Since a fairly big part of my music collection is encoded in Ogg, I simply didn’t update iTunes. However, QuickTime 7 files are more and more taking over the web, and QT7 conflicts with the old iTunes.

This dilemma recently was solved with XiphQT. XiphQT allows for playing back Ogg Vorbis and Speex in every application that uses QuickTime (including Safari).

Installation is trivial, all you need is to get the package from the XiphQT site and install it like any mpkg. Be sure to already have the updated iTunes installed. If you are on OS X 10.3, XiphQT will work too but you may have to reboot to make QT detect the plug-in. (I simply installed it before rebooting anyway.)

XiphQT works very well in my experiences so far, while qtcomponents always seamed to jerk a bit.

Oh, one more thing: Once you have iTunes 6.0.2 installed, be sure to disable the MiniStore by clicking the leftmost button on the right bottom. Else, iTunes will transmit all clicked-on songs to external servers.

NP: Antony and the Johnsons—You Are My Sister

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