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January 2006

28jan2006 · Announcing Fugi

My first Rails application goes live! It is a 2ch-inspired forum software with an emphasis on short, anonymous posts and a never-seen-before two-dimensional layouting. Just when Joel’s off-topic forum shuts down, Fugi goes live. This happened incidentally (and yes, I think I know about (one of) the reasons), but people are welcome to come over. As well as everyone else.

“Fugi” is japanese and means: bring up a matter, discussion, debate, but also: immorality, injustice, misconduct, adultery. We’ll see how this turns out.

Want to check it out? There you are: http://fugi.anarchaia.org

There are still some rough edges, especially with respect to IE, which I’ll fix later. Also, it’s not completely feature complete (especially tagging discussions needs to be added), but there aren’t too many things to appear in the future.

Fugi is comparatively restrictive in terms of markup and formatting; this is by incident. All I should add is some way to have <br />s, that will ease entering code. This is by design, I want to see how people still are able to hack it and produce amazing ASCII art and other unimaginable things….

Fugi also likely will replace the HaloScan comments of “chris blogs” and add a new way to talk-back for Anarchaia.

Please spread the word and happy discussion!

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