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September 2005

01sep2005 · BlogYesterDay

How embarrassing, I really forgot to post my Blogday 2005 list yesterday. Since it didn’t get worse over night, however, there you are. Five not-that-well-known blogs that cover topics untouched by this blog (at least, most do):

  • simpl(e)y done is a blog focusing on minimalistic design, websites and user interfaces. That said, it is of course an example on its own. Highly recommended for those that don’t like the creeping featuritis all around.

  • Projectionist is the tumblelog of the guys at ionist and blends—just like Anarchaia—great links, beautiful imagery and insightful quotes with funny IRC lines into a great mix.

  • Der digitale Lumpensammler collects weird stuff from all over the net and kind of proves what crazy stuff that you never thought of actually exists. Please, think before clicking on links, not everything is worksafe and some stuff is pretty disgusting.

  • Smallthought is the blog of Avi Bryant’s new venture and the place he reasons about radically tailorable software, the long tail of end-user applications, “misuse” of spreadsheets and what can be done to help it. Not recently updated, but I hope he’s just busy and the idea is not dead yet.

  • Schmu! is the mostly german LiveJournal (uh) of wiesu, and features both photography of the city in interesting perspectives (say, everything reflected in a puddle) as well as insightful and partly social-critic posts about life (those of the kind that you could attribute to Jack D. M. Bierki, but more about that later). For example: “After each yoga lession I think: wow, there are a lot more muscles I didn’t know I don’t have.”

That’s it, I hope you like my selection and happy reading (and blogging, of course)!

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