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August 2005

05aug2005 · 100 Days Uptime

I just found out I haven’t rebooted my iBook for 100 days now. :-)

$ uptime
16:48  up 100 days,  3:13, 7 users, load averages: 2.60 2.91 2.96

(But I wonder how often I had to restart Firefox. :-P)

“Sleep” is a wonderful thing for notebooks… I don’t want to boot my real box anymore. Instant hacking just rocks. You gotta love the ubiquity. BTW, did you notice OS X wraps the Network statistics after transferring more than 4 gigabytes? It doesn’t for the Disk, though. At least I see three-digit gigabyte numbers there.

Anyway, I’m really confident with the system as it runs now… I wonder if I should reboot for the updates?

NP: Bob Dylan—You’re A Big Girl Now

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