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April 2005

09apr2005 · Life Hacks for the Rest of Us

The Morning News have a great post The Non-Expert: Life Hacks for the Rest of Us, which lists lots of hints and tips I really wonder how I had lived without them.

For example,

You can open beer bottles using the metal end of most car seatbelts.

or even (every serious handyman will get the creeps now):

In the workshop, one screwdriver can do more than just turn screws; it can hammer in nails, slice open packages, puncture leather, create holes for inserting molly bolts, and more.

And one I do all the time:

When washing drinking glasses by hand, create your own dishwasher by squeezing a little soap into each glass, then set each one in the sink and let a constant stream of hot water fill each glass and overflow until the water runs clear. The glasses won’t be as clean as if you had scrubbed each one, but it’s a lot easier on your hands and elbows.

Pragmatic till it bleeds.

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