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March 2005

20mar2005 · Various hacking

I worked over the weekend on various things. First, I fixed darcsum.el to strip/convert ANSI character sequeces, since several people complained. Thanks to Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz and Matthieu Lemerre for reporting this. Please darcs pull to grab the latest changes.

Then, I spent some more time on Kashmir/Elusion and added a “Do What I Mean” mode. For example, instead of


You can now write (assuming you use Elusion):


Elusion will then figure out on it’s own what you want to do (If there is an #each, iterate. If it’s true, just call the block. Else yield self to the block.) Also, you can now pass a block to Kashmir#expand to automatically create an Elusion.

Now, there is a restartable exception library to be coded…

NP: Bob Dylan—Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

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