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March 2005

26mar2005 · One Year of "chris blogs"

Today, exactly one year ago, I started this blog. Actually, I didn’t expect I could keep it current for a that long time. (My former blog, started in January 2003 died before March 2003). But, as you see, somehow I managed it, though.

Maybe it’s time for a few interesting facts:

  • The 5 most played artists were:

    41 Bob Dylan
    26 Pearl Jam
    20 Dan Bern
    07 Die toten Hosen
    06 Interpol

  • The raw entries are 1.1 megabytes in 264 files.

  • The blogging tool I used at the very beginning was 127 lines of Ruby code. When I wanted monthly archives, the thing broke and had 166 lines of Ruby. Nukumi2 as of now ~2000 LoC and 400 lines of templates. It worked better than everything before, but I still have new ideas all the time. :-)

  • I posted about 471 quotes directly taken out of real-life. A Best-Of will follow.

I wish you happy Easter or whatever you happen to celebrate on the first sunday after the first fullmoon after the vernal equinox.

Now, on to the next year of blogging!

NP: Pearl Jam—State Of Love And Trust

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