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January 2005

03jan2005 · XML::Simple

Sometimes, you wonder if other people can read your mind. Only recently i blogged about different XML APIs and an anonymous reader asked in the comments why there is no good libxml2 binding for Ruby.

Well, there you are: XML::Simple [darcs repository]

XML::Simple provides a simple (who’d have guessed?) binding to—so far—the DOM and Pull API of libxml2. J├╝rgen Mangler wrote the biggest part, I threw in a fair part of the Pull API and lots of design issues. And the Pull API rocks. :-) It’s almost 6 times faster than the Ruby/DL binding (and hasn’t yet crashed onto me ;-)).

Even more scary, there has been a new release every day so far. ;-)

NP: Tom Waits—I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love With You

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