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January 2005

07jan2005 · In Munich

Right now, I’m sitting in a Munich cafe (San Francisco Coffe Company at Odeonsplatz) and enjoying the (unfortunately quite expensive) connectivity I have here.

Got a bit productive lately and wrote

  • a BlueCloth to ConTeXt converter. Works pretty nicely now and converts a large part of the *Cloth-typical HTML to TeX (I touched XSLT after over three months again). Maybe I’ll make a first release tomorrow, when I’m back home.

  • the beginnings of a new object-oriented database. Featuring object serialization to source-code (so you can load with eval only (Whine, kbrooks!)) and lazy loading (just-in-time on access of referenced objects). It’s still in a very early state, can’t tell about it’s usefulness in general yet.

    It uses the Hash-Ducktype API ([], []= and delete so far) and really uses SDBM so far.

NP: Madonna—Die Another Day

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