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January 2005

13jan2005 · Converting BlueCloth to PDF

I’ve been posting my XSLT stylesheet for conversion of BlueCloth-generated HTML to ConTeXt on ruby-talk (you can find it here, too: http://kronavita.de/chris/data/md2context.xsl).

Patrick Grundlach asked me why I used XSLT instead of ConTeXt’s XML handling macros… Now, that was a good question. I totally forgot about these actually (I first wanted to use xmltex, but the XSLT approach is a lot simpler, especially if you know XSLT already. And using XSL-FO would have been way overkill.)

So, I looked into the fine manual and am quite delighted now, it looks very easy to use… I could imagine converting above stylesheet to ConTeXt directly very well.

Somehow, ConTeXt always surprises me again…

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