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December 2004

08dec2004 · My first iBook

Today, my first ever iBook arrived (I ordered it last Wednesday, if there wasn’t the weekend in between, I’d have gotten it even faster.), and so far, it totally kicks ass. I bought the 12.1" one with a 60 GB disk for even more music/code/other cool stuff. :-)

It is just the right size, and the features and look are simply amazing. And you don’t hear a thing.

I have never used Mac OS X before, but after toying around a bit with it, it really looks nice and usable (heck, Expose rocks).

So far, I only found on thing that turned be off a bit: The keyboard, although of good quality has a quite, umm, twist^Winteresting keylayout. Why the pipe symbol | is Alt-6, for example, someone really should explain to me…

After reinstalling it for maximum customization (a hint ThreeDayMonk gave me), I think I’m going to spend some days to adopt it my working style.

BTW, I called it lilith because my (main) box is dubbed paradise, and there are nice, medieval paintings where Lilith (mythologically Adam’s first wife) gives Eva the Apple. :-)

Of course, such an event needs to be documented photographically:

The box of my iBook

Opening the box

The iBook, still in safety cover

Getting it boot...!

NP: Pearl Jam & Neil Young—Fallen Angel

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