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October 2004

21oct2004 · Your own CADR

Brad Parker did it: Emulating CADR microcode on modern hardware.

Who didn’t ever want to have a Lisp Machine of his own? There you go! :-)

Grab it over at www.heeltoe.com while it’s still hot! It already works fairly well, you can evaluate code and edit with Zmacs. However, there are some cons (pun intended): It takes 100% CPU even if idle and input is still fleaky (the mouse behaves really annoying…). Besides, it’s not exactly fast (recompiling with -mcpu helps a bit, though). It’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed at a later release.

One dumb thing is that the window is 768x1024, so you have to move the window all the time with a resolution lower than 1600x1200…

Quick screenshot:

CADR screenshot

NP: Bob Dylan—Shelter From The Storm

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