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October 2004

31oct2004 · Org-mode

I’ve been looking for an usable Outliner to run on Linux for a long time now. (My ideal is still UserLand Frontier’s.) And I’ve always been dissatisfied with the Emacs outline-mode because I think it doesn’t behave like an outliner should. It’s more for documents that have an outline.

However, isomer of #emacs just pointed out Org-mode, Carsten’s outline mode for keeping track of everything. I have to say it really rocks. You can manipulate the whole outline with a few keys, TAB, M-RET, M-left and M-right. Besides, it has lots of features like TODO lists, a diary view, calendar integration, hyperlinks, excellent table support (sweet), and HTML export. It also integrates with planner.el and remember.el.

Hmm, maybe I should add OPML support… :-)

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