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August 2004

01aug2004 · Return

I’m back from Munich, having now

  • got Paul Graham, “Hackers & Painters”: The—by now—well-known book by the author of “On Lisp” on “Big ideas from the computer age”. I haven’t yet finished reading it, but a post commenting it will follow.

  • got Pearl Jam, Beneroya Hall, October 22nd 2003”: A great “official bootleg” taken during an amazing benefit concert for YouthCareacoustic only.

  • met Sebastian Vollnhals in Real Life (yeah, it really exists! ;-)). We had a nice chat on—among other things—confusing a PDP-11 with a coffee machine, wiring a coffee machine to a LAN and the social engineering of car freaks… it was a nice time.

NP: Pearl Jam—Of The Girl

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