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July 2004

26jul2004 · ALSA

Finally, I managed to install ALSA, the “new” sound system for Linux.

I think I never had these damn problems. First, ALSA needs some packages (of course, they are missing on my box, or even worse, they are outdated.)

After installing, I got some weird Out of Memory: killing ... messages. Yeah, that was fun… It turned out there was circular reference in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base. “Hey, can happen, ”I think and uncomment it. Reboot… Wait 2 minutes… Out of Memory. Ctrl-c. Everything ALSA works, though.

After 20 minutes I found out that you have to call update-modules to let changes in /etc/modprobe.d propagate to /etc/modules. Nice. ALSA works now.

Not quite, it turns out the debianic timidity is rather old, it just quits instead of providing a virtual MIDI output. (By the way, why don’t these fucking sound cards don’t have any synthesizers on board anymore?)

Finally, pd works! Somehow it never did with OSS…

Yeah, I redesigned by blog. This time, I wanted something modern… :-)

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