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May 2004

09may2004 · zyl

Today I hacked a prototype of zyl, my framework for REST-applications (which include dynamically generated websites, database views etc.) based on Ruby and Webrick.

I already have pipelined data transformations, a flexible URI parsing system (modeled like mod_rewrite) and XML accessibility (XSLT only, so far).

Initially, I used to pipe to xsltproc, but one fork per page doesn’t make the thing better than CGI, so I choose to use ruby-xslt by Gregoire Lejeune. They need a recent libxslt, which is when the trouble started. I’ll not tell you about the hacks I needed to make that package compile for my debian…

I’ll probably model my CMS based on ideas described in Toxical, which then can be wget-ted and be published on static servers (if needed).

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