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May 2004

22may2004 · Webstuff

I found a nice trick to hide e-mail addresses from harvesters, using CSS:

<div style="padding:5px;font-family:'Courier New',monospace;
  hekrhnyhod<br />cnuice@ao.e

It will look like:


Go figure how that works!

I added two very useful extensions to Zyl, first, an image chain that can resize images on the fly via the URL. You can, for example, say:

<img src="graphics/foo.png/200x300" alt="A foo" />

And, whoo!, have a 200x300 pixel image, nevermind how big foo.png is in reality.

The other extension allows rendering of TrueType fonts on the fly, e.g.:

<img src="font/chicago-32/Page Title" alt="Page Title" />

And get the according picture immediately. Very useful.

I also played with BefTer-Shadows, which are non-intrusive shadows (i.e. they require only one <div>) and look really cool.

From the Emacs NEWS file:

** Convenient commands to switch buffers in a cyclic order are C-x <left> (prev-buffer) and C-x <right> (next-buffer).

These rock! (C-x b tends to get very confusing if you edit more than three files at the same time.)

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