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May 2004

07may2004 · Style switcher

I made seven new subthemes for this website, which you can access using the styleswitcher from a list apart just under the title of the page. (You can also use View -> Use Style in Mozilla and Firefox, but then your change won’t be saved.)

All pictures are from stock.xchng, a really great site for free stock photography. Thanks a lot to all the photographers there!

I’m also thinking about a new default theme for “chris blogs”, I think “Rainy Window” would be nice.

BTW, on ashidakim.com, there is a nice collection of english Zen koans:

These koans, or parables, were translated into English from a book called the Shaseki-shu (Collection of Stone and Sand), written late in the thirteenth century by the Japanese Zen teacher Muju (the “non-dweller”), and from anecdotes of Zen monks taken from various books published in Japan around the turn of the 20th century.

Nice read.

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