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May 2004

10may2004 · News on Zyl and other stuff

Went on with development of Zyl. Now I have everything put nicely together in a single directory, so I can start with serious version control.

I also extended ruby-xslt to support parameters which are essential to me. I hope that patch will get included upstream. XML::XSLT is really a nice library, but there are some license issues to clear.

Maybe a first release and a bit of documentation in this week, no, I wont promise anything.

IRC raw and uncensored:

<chris2> if i need to wash the dishes,
             i automatically need to go to the bathroom :)
<dragonkh> chris2, my bathroomsis too small to wash dishes in 
<dragonkh> even if I pee on the plates
<dragonkh> well they might all fit in the bath actually -
               hmm interestin gidea

: <dragonkh> Germany was awesome in those days <dragonkh> booze, women, apfelstrudel and metallica - aah

This could make you think…

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