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May 2004

18may2004 · Lisp, Arch & Emacs

Yay, Dave Roberts cites me in his blog “Finding Lisp”; when he asked why so many Lisp projects use Arch:

The best thing I heard was from Christian Neukirchen who wrote and said it was “…because Lispers like to do it the Right Way.” Somehow, that sort of makes sense. Lispers certainly don’t follow the crowd. They look for good solutions to problems and they aren’t afraid to stick with something that isn’t winning the technology popularity contest. So, while the rest of the masses struggle on with CVS, it seems like a lot of Lispers are turning to Arch for its superior approach to change sets, branching and merging, etc.

I exchanged a few emails with Christian and as a result of his urging, I have started using Arch myself.

(I didn’t urge at all! I just told the truth :-))

So far, there were many Arch interfaces for Emacs, and a self-made repository browser contained the comment:

;; nbbba.el doesn't yet integrate with the other tla interfaces,
;; as time will tell which one of the few around will put through.

A mail from Matthieu Moy tells me:

That was true a few weeks ago, but today, tla.el and tilly.el (and recently mst-arch.el) joined xtla, which is now the Emacs interface for tla.

xtla calls itself “a very complete Emacs front-end for tla”.

I tried xtla before, and wasn’t too impressed of it, but a diff against a more recent revision tells me that lots of functionality was added. The archive browser feels a lot like mine but has lots of additional features like viewing changesets, diffing to arbitrary revisions etc. Furthermore, the code is a lot cleaner than mine, since it uses ewoc and not string twiddling for display.

Masatake Yamato even had a patch to make it use tree-widget to get a nice tree overview; he wanted to install that patch soon. It seems to kicks ass now.

Cory Doctorow does civil obedience in the cinema, and they like it!

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