Welcome to the virtual realm of Leah Neukirchen (huh?).

I like math, Unix, minimalism and the Internet. You may be interested in what I write at my two blogs, leah blogs and Trivium. Or, if you feel nostalgic, you can dive into the archives of the first tumblelog, Anarchaia. You can read slides and accompanying material of my talks as well. I tweet and toot, too. And I keep a list of things I heart, I read, I saw and I binged. Read everything already? Let me direct you to my blogroll, which contains the stuff I read daily. But maybe you are more interested in my projects? The most popular are Rack, a generic Ruby webserver interface, and the test framework Bacon. I'm also a Void Linux developer. For the newest stuff, go straight to my GitHub account. Some older things still reside in darcs repositories or float around in the release archive. Occasionally, I patch other's software. I also made some fonts. If you are interested in my setup, have a look at my dotfiles. Still haven't found what you are looking for? Feel free to contact me.