I have designed some fonts for my own use. I prefer pixel fonts for use in terminals, so you get a crisp look.

sq, a 7x15 pixel font inspired by Codec and Quadraat Sans Mono

font sample of sq

font sample of sqb

I have been playing around with Chris Cannam's Codec font, when I noticed it looked rather similar to FF Quadraat Sans Mono, which I always wanted to use as a console font. But I never was confident with the outline font at small size, thus decided to redraw Codec with great influence of Quadraat.

Public domain, 2012. Covers full Latin-1 range. Normal and bold. Download BDF. Download VGA font sq.816 and sqb.816, generated by Charlotte Koch's hex2vga.

There is now a pixly OTF variant available (sq.otf and sqb.otf), created using ./ttf2pt1 -O hu -l latin1 sq.bdf - | ./t1asm > sq.pfa and then converted to OTF using FontForge (force encoding as Latin 1, mark all, then Remove Overlap).

5x13, a condensed pixel font built on 6x13

font sample of 5x13

The goal is to create a well readable font that is only five pixels wide, such that you can fit four 80-chars wide shells next to each other on a 1600x1200 display. 5x13 is special in being pretty tall, which greatly increases readability.

Public domain, 2011. Partial Latin-1 support (German subset). Normal only.
Update 2017: New characters have been contributed by doppler. Download.