C succeeded because it was doing the right thing, not because of AT&T promoting it or Unix being written with it.
— Alexander Stephanov*

Mein Leben is ein Unikat, entzieht sich jedem Raster
nur meine Wirtschaftspolitik is det reinste Desaster
— Icke & Er, Finanzpolka*


I’ve got to be direct (la la la)
If I’m wrong, please correct (la la la)
You’re standing on my neck (la la la)
You’re standing on my neck (la la la)
You’re standing on my neck
— Splendora, You’re Standing On My Neck*


At that time I discovered the works of Euler and my perception of the nature of mathematics underwent a dramatic transformation. I was de-Bourbakized, stopped believing in sets, and was expelled from the Cantorian paradise. I still believe in abstraction, but now I know that one ends with abstraction, not starts with it. I learned that one has to adapt abstractions to reality and not the other way around. Mathematics stopped being a science of theories but re-appeared to me as a science of numbers and shapes.
— Alexander Stephanov, Short History of STL*

A time to dream to himself. He waves goodbye to his self.
I’ll see you on the other side.
Another man moved by slight of hand.
— Pearl Jam, Sleight Of Hand*

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