z̞͉͇̥̞̮̥ͪ́͑̎̊ͨa̟̥̣̖̹̻̙ͯͪͫ̒ͭl͕̠̿͒͋̀̊̄̈g̡̮̤͎͊ͥ̐̚o̠̣͋l̡͓̳, an esoteric programming language

by Christian Neukirchen, 2013-03-27

A z̞͉͇̥̞̮̥ͪ́͑̎̊ͨa̟̥̣̖̹̻̙ͯͪͫ̒ͭl͕̠̿͒͋̀̊̄̈g̡̮̤͎͊ͥ̐̚o̠̣͋l̡͓̳ program is represented by an invalid UTF-8 stream operating on a left-infinite binary Turing tape initialized to zeroes. The following instructions are discriminated:

Stream eventAction
Unicode symbol with WSpace=y, and a codepoint larger than U+0020. Move head one bit to the right.
Unicode right-to-left mark Jump past the matching left-to-right mark if the cell under the pointer is 0.
Unicode left-to-right mark Jump back to the matching right-to-left mark if the cell under the pointer is 1.
A symbol followed by at least two combining characters If the first combining character has a smaller codepoint than the second, read one bit from the input string and store it in the current cell. Else, write the bit in the current cell to the output stream.
UTF-8 invalid byte sequence Flip the bit in the current cell, move head one bit to the left.
Other events Ignored, can be used for comments.

z̞͉͇̥̞̮̥ͪ́͑̎̊ͨa̟̥̣̖̹̻̙ͯͪͫ̒ͭl͕̠̿͒͋̀̊̄̈g̡̮̤͎͊ͥ̐̚o̠̣͋l̡͓̳ has been inspired by Brainfuck/ Boolfuck/ P'' as well as Whitespace.