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Mothra's Shrine

Mothra is the benevolent winged goddess; the protector of the earth.  She represents peace and renewal and is loved and revered by her followers.  This page is dedicated to the worship of this mighty deity and to help guide you along the religious path.  This page is under construction and I will have it all up as soon as I can.  Hang in there!

Note: YES this page is serious.  It is my belief that all gods and goddesses are, inherently, fictional, as they are intepretations of the energy which is life and which can be used towards different means with one's willpower.  Humans choose to interpret this power as beings: gods and goddesses.  Therefore, no one deity is more real than another, and the Christian god, the Triple goddess, Bastet, Athena, Mothra, and all the others, are only as real as we choose to make them.


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