I have designed some fonts for my own use. I prefer pixel fonts for use in terminals, so you get a crisp look.

sq, a 7x15 pixel font inspired by Codec and Quadraat Sans Mono

font sample of sq

font sample of sqb

I have been playing around with Chris Cannam's Codec font, when I noticed it looked rather similar to FF Quadraat Sans Mono, which I always wanted to use as a console font. But I never was confident with the outline font at small size, thus decided to redraw Codec with great influence of Quadraat.

Public domain, 2012. Covers full Latin-1 range. Normal and bold. Download BDF. Download VGA font sq.816 and sqb.816, generated by Charlotte Koch's hex2vga.

There is now a pixly OTF variant available (sq.otf and sqb.otf), created using ./ttf2pt1 -O hu -l latin1 sq.bdf - | ./t1asm > sq.pfa and then converted to OTF using FontForge (force encoding as Latin 1, mark all, then Remove Overlap).

5x13, a condensed pixel font built on 6x13

font sample of 5x13

The goal is to create a well readable font that is only five pixels wide, such that you can fit four 80-chars wide shells next to each other on a 1600x1200 display. 5x13 is special in being pretty tall, which greatly increases readability.

Public domain, 2011. Partial Latin-1 support (German subset). Normal only.
Update 2017: New characters have been contributed by doppler. Download.

smalltalk10, the font of the Smalltalk 80 system

font sample of smalltalk10

A pixel perfect restauration of the Smalltalk 80 variable width font "sans-serif 10" as provided in the image tape by Mario Wolczko, using the emulator by Dan Banay. Characters 32 to 126 correspond to the "Font 1" of the Smalltalk image and are the default font used there. The replacement character NUL was made up by me.

Moritz F. F├╝rst noticed that the P and the R were too wide in the version of 2021-08-20, as of 2023-03-24 this has been corrected. He also provides an independent faithful restaturation in various formats.

As pixel fonts cannot be copyrighted in the US, this is in the public domain. Recreated in 2021. Covers only printable 7-bit ASCII. Normal shape only, Bold is planned eventually. Download BDF.